Our Fees

Private Medical Consultations

You do not have to register with the Practice to book a Private Consultation.

Fee for 30 minute consultation : £40.00


  Heavy Goods Vehicle Examination £80.00
  Public Service Vehicle Examination £80.00
  Taxi drivers Medical Examination £40.00
  Pre Employment Examination £40.00
  Life Insurance Medical Examination £80.00
  Emergency Services HGV Exam £60.00
  Powerboat Medical Examination £40.00
  General Health Screen (inc. bloods) £140.00

Blood Tests

  Diagnostic £12.00
  Paternity-First Patient £15.00
  Paternity-each Patient after first £7.50

Joint and soft tissue injections.

Fees for these procedures vary depending on the type of injection. Please contact us for further details.

Still have questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.