Our Services

Private Medical Examinations

We carry out a full range of comprehensive medical examinations. Appointments can be made to suit your individual needs.

Discounts are available to companies or groups of individuals who use our services.

The following Medical Examinations can be arranged on site without the need for further investigations:

Bus Driver (PSV), Taxi Driver, Lorry Driver (HGV)
  • Pre-Employment
  • HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles) / LGV (Large Goods Vehicles)
  • PSV (Public Service Vehicle) / PCS (Passenger Carrying Vehicles )
  • TAXI
  • Adoption (Parent / Career)

With your consent, we will inform your General Practitioner if we find any abnormality during the examination.

Joint & Soft tissue Injections

Joint and Soft tissue injections

Steroid injections may be used to alleviate inflammation and pain in inflamed joints and may also be used to treat tennis/golfer's elbow, frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Injections are carried out under aseptic conditions and local anesthetic is used to make the procedure as painless as possible.

Trauma & Incident Support

I have been trained in pre-hospital trauma life support and major incident medical management and support.

I assist the East of England Ambulance Service when required at major incidents and at serious road traffic incidents.


Not entitled to free NHS care?

NHSWe can provide advice and medical assistance to those who are not entitled to NHS Medical care (Resident overseas but working temporarily in East Anglia).

Please contact us for further details.

Private General Practice Consultations

We offer Private Consultations arranged at mutually convenient times and days.

Appointments are booked every 30 minutes to allow sufficient time for history taking, examination and planning of treatment or onward referral, if appropriate. If you require a longer appointment please let us know at the time of booking.

Acupuncture: Alternantive Treatment


Acupuncture is a painless technique of inserting and manipulating fine needles into specific points on the body which give access to the meridians through which the Qi flows to relieve pain or for therapeutic purposes.

This ancient system of healing has been developed over thousands of years as part of the traditional medicine of China.

The aim of the treatment is to restore the balance of the universal energy Qi (pronounced chee) in the body. Qi consists of Yin and Yang and these two opposite, but complementary, forces need to be in balance otherwise disease or illness occurs in the body.

Mental Health Assessments

I am approved under Section 12 of the Mental Health Act to carry out formal mental health assessments.

Minor Surgery for Skin Tags

Unfortunatley Primary Care Trusts do not fund the removal of skin tags. I can offer to remove multiple skin tags under aseptic conditions using heat.

The procedures will be done in a modern fully equipped treatment room and all tissue specimens will be sent off to be analysed.